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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a business coach?

As a small business operator, it is impossible to know everything, sometimes you need someone from outside the Business to help guide you through the daily challenges of running a business.

What does a Business Coach do?

A coach provides structured advice to a business and holds them to account to complete agreed tasks. They help the business owner understand where the business it at today and how to make step changes to achieve their long-term goals.

Why do you recommend at least a 12-month program?

Making change to a business is not easy, if you are going to make long lasting changes to your business you need to commit to the process.

If things change can I exit the program?

Yes, you can exit any time after the first 3 months.

Why do you prefer to meet face to face at the business premises?

This is where the business operates, and it is valuable to see first hand how the business looks, operates and feels.

Are there other options?

Of course, many customers prefer to meet offsite or Skype for remote customers.

How often do we meet?

I recommend fortnightly.

Why do you only offer one on one coaching rather than group or video coaching?

Each customer is different, with different challenges and personalities. While there is a place for group or video coaching a find these to be less personal and groups can often be dominated by an individual. I prefer to provide the personalized service that assists the individual improve their business performance.

What do you expect your clients to provide?

Mainly commitment and openness.

Commitment to change. Attending the regular meetings and completing agreed tasks.

Openness regarding the business and its operating including making information available as required.

What can clients expect from you?

Focus on the client business. No clock watching, we won’t finish the session just because time is up. Availability to answer questions between session via phone or email.

Clear communication including meeting records and above all honesty