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Business Coaching

Nigel Hobbs Business Coaching focuses on “whole of business” rather than simply miracle marketing or sales techniques. We will focus on the business fundamentals such as planning, financial performance and many other things including marketing. I see my role is guide the business owner through the myriad of business challenges.

One on One Business Coaching

  • Business Audit & Report
  • Plan Development
  • Fortnightly or Weekly meetings on site
  • Accountability
  • Financial Reviews

You need a business coach if you:

  • Have trouble holding yourself to account or just can’t get things done
  • Need an independent person to discuss problems in your business
  • Don’t know how to read you Financial Reports
  • Don’t know if you are making money or not
  • Are working long hours but don’t seem to be getting anywhere
  • Want to work on your business not in your business

What Nigel Hobbs Business Coaching does

  • Provides structured advice to business
  • Guide/Planner
  • Assist business to understand and interpret financial results
  • Provide accountability
  • Follow up agreed tasks relentlessly

What the business is not

  • Tax or legal advisor
  • Miracle marketer who will suddenly grow your business by a ridiculous amount

What Nigel Hobbs Business Coaching expects from clients

  • Clear reporting lines and responsibility (especially partnerships)
  • Access to Regular Financial Reports to review
  • Payments to be made on time

What clients can expect from Nigel Hobbs Business Coaching

  • Commitment – no clock watching
  • Meeting records including allocated agreed tasks
  • Honesty (even if it hurts)

Three Step Process for Business Improvement

1. Business Review

Detailed review of the whole of your business

  • Productivity

    Management / Leadership
    The Team/ Communication
    Process / systems (IT)
    Owners Effectiveness

  • Costs


  • Controls

    Reporting P & L
    Cash Flow
    Tax GST

  • Revenue

    Sales Process
    Sales Skills
    -+ customers
    -+ Ave sales
    -+ Frequency
    Customer Service
    Systems & Process

2. Plan

Actions to bridge the gap between today and where you want to be.

What does the plan look like? One page working document including:

  • Vision (Where do you want to go)
    What are your dreams (Both Business & personal)
    What do you want your business to look like
    How much money do you want to make & when do you want to retire
  • Actions Identified in the Business Review
    Prioritised based on need & ease of execution
    Allocate an owner (delegate)

3. Action

Getting things done, systematically working through identified actions

  • Systematically work through the actions identified
  • Monitor progress Regularly – Recommend Fortnightly
  • Adjust the plan as needed – It is a working document not a door stop
  • Seek Help as needed – When specialised knowledge is required