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Don’t Discount Your Way to Disaster

There is always the temptation to reduce prices when sales are a bit sluggish. It is one of the most over used marketing strategies around, and it can be a recipe for disaster. What many people don’t understand is the volume of sales that is required to recoup the discount given away. Here are some […]

Customer Experience – Be Careful What You Create

I have just spent the last year or so working with a large retailer. The retailer struggled to get good customer and staff engagement. Often leaving both parties unsatisfied. The company had strong procedures, paid well and had developed a good customer offering in the last 12 months. Yet Head Office management could not understand […]

7 Tips for Business Success

Running a great small business is not easy and the failure rate is too high. These businesses fail for several reasons but it often because the owners have not thought through what they want out of the business and how they want it to operate. In the end the business is running them around, rather […]

Franchising vs Licensing

What is the difference between Franchising and Licensing? This is a very good question and one I get asked often. Many peoples are genuinely confused about the terms franchising and licensing and often use them interchangeably. Business owners tell me that they want to license their business rather than franchise it, believing that licensing has […]

Dashboard Reporting

Every business owner and manager will benefit from implementing processes that provide information on business performance that can be easily evaluated to identify areas of improvement, risks and trends. One method of providing such information is dashboard reporting. Like a car dashboard, the objective of dashboard reporting is to provide clear and concise information of […]

Why You Should Review Your Financial Performance Regularly

In my travels I continually come across people who have little or no understanding of how their business is performing financially. There sole aim is to get paid and have money in the bank. They may (or may not) know the sales numbers but they don’t know their overall profitability or which of their customers […]